Ambler Kitchen


Ambler Kitchen

This modern farmhouse was completely moving into a new area of the house.  The client wanted to have the function of a new kitchen, while staying true to the original style of the house.


Hidden Pantry

The layout of this space would seem to look easy, however behind the custom cabinetry, the walls jogged which helped up hide this standard depth fridge in a cabinet as well as create a hidden pantry space.  


Hidden Pantry

When the doors to the left are closed, they look like a paneled wall, however when you push on them, they open into a hidden pantry space.


Custom Hutch

This custom hutch housed all of the clients dishes, nick nacks and other china.  With a water glass front, it lets you see into the cabinet, without seeing fully what is inside.



With a double sliding silverware drawer, this is a perfect way to keep your everyday silverware on top, while hiding the ones you use less often.  


Functional Island

The island had a dropped section for the clients baking needs while also providing more storage for all of their baking supplies.